The Companies 

In 1992 Gamma Pharmaceuticals (Pvt) Ltd., (Gamma) acquired a  legacy from its predecessor Warner Lambert Lanka (Pvt) Ltd., which succeeded Warner Hudnut Lanka (Pvt) Ltd., which was incorporated on 24th November 1962. This heritage dated back to the years of World War II, when the US based parent company of Warner Hudnut Lanka (Pvt) Ltd., operated via an accredited agent in Sri Lanka till the incorporation in Sri Lanka of its subsidiary Warner Hudnut Lanka (Pvt) Ltd. 

From the time of succeeding Warner Lambert Lanka (Pvt) Ltd., Gamma focused on quality the fundamental premises of our operations. Whilst operating from 1992 as the licensee for an affiliate of Warner Lambert Inc. USA, Gamma manufactured and marketed Warner Lambert/Parke-Davis products and extended its portfolio with its own brands as well as those of other established overseas pharmaceutical companies. With the merger of Warner Lambert USA with Pfizer Inc. USA in 2001. Some of these brands which were divested internationally by Pfizer to Johnson & Johnson USA in December 2006, were manufactured locally by Gamma until end December 2009.With the cessation of the manufacture of Consumer Healthcare products of Pfizer in end June 2011, Gamma dedicated its resources to develop its own brands and those of its affiliate company Interpharm (Pvt) Ltd., whilst marketing the brands of its other foreign principals. 

Gamma has diversified its operations with the launch of its Veterinary Division in February 2012, marketing Injections and shampoos  for animals. In March 2013 Gamma commenced marketing the world renowned Royal Canin scientific and breed specific brands of Dog Foods. 

Interpharm (Pvt) Ltd., was incorporated in December 1990 leveraging on the Tax concessions available for pioneering industries. Benchmarking itself against other pharmaceutical operations, Interpharm (Pvt) Ltd began manufacturing and marketing high quality Generic drugs for the State and Private sector from late 1995  to complement the research based proprietary products .of Gamma.  Interpharm (Pvt) Ltd., launched its branded products in mid-2005 and has since then enhanced its portfolio 

Manufacturing and Quality Control 

Advanced machinery and processes are vital when determining manufacturing facilities at Gamma and Interpharm. Our manufacturing facility maintains “In Process Control (IPC),” consistent with WHO accepted Good Manufacturing & Good Laboratory Practices (GMP and GLP). Laboratories equipped with sophisticated apparatus, skilled personnel and high quality raw material-quality checked at source, ensures that our products comply with internationally practiced stringent quality control standards.  

Our liquid manufacturing plant is one of the largest in Sri Lanka and on par with standards prevalent in the industry. We also manufacture tablets, capsules, powders and creams using quality assurance process accepted widely in the industry complying with standards and monograph set out by us which includes WHO accepted GMP standards. With consistent and continuous quality supervision coupled with synergy in our operations, universal industry standards and ourselves we strive towards providing this wide range of high quality dosage forms to the medical profession, which also results in “Value for Money” products to the patient. Both Gamma and Interpharm have cultivated a reputation for being synonymous with a wide range of high quality pharmaceutical products that have won the trust and confidence of our stakeholders, valued business partners and discerning end-users. 

Human Resources 

The bastion of Gamma and Interpharm are its highly motivated and committed team of individuals who steer the companies towards their Vision of” Seeking Excellence in contributing towards quality health care for all”. Constant training and development in all facets of their carriers, give our dedicated personnel, the necessary impetus and determination to move towards the zenith of their personal and professional goals and the ultimate aspirations of the companies. 

A congenial working environment coupled with a continuous flow of knowledge interaction between all personnel and delegation in recognition of competence and performance, creates a milieu of encouraging total professionalism and incessant enhancement, while gaining absolute commitment towards the Ethics of Practicing Pharmacy. 

Corporate Social Responsibility 

Valuing the much revered quote of the pre-eminent and ideological leader Mahatma Ghandi “be the change you want to see in the world” and consistent with our company core values, we have identified the company role in Corporate Social Responsibility. 

Being Truly Sri Lankan drug manufacturers, we conduct Island-wide free medical camps, contribute medical donations and support physically challenged children. 


Recognizing the fast shrinking national boundaries in the world’s quest towards globalization, our pragmatic strategies have enabled Gamma and Interpharm to gear towards being competitive. We have sourced internationally reputed suppliers of high quality raw materials and packing materials as our main business partners. 


A countrywide distribution network, operating under the flagship of Gamma and Interpharm, has endowed us with a strength and dynamism that only comes with the entire network that we work within. 

In recognition of the quality and timely delivery of its products to the State Pharmaceuticals Corporation, Interpharm was rewarded by the Corporation with Certificate of Excellence and “Special Award for Local Manufacturer” for each of the years 2011 and 2012 in June 2012, June 2013 respectively.

Company Profile

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